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Midnight FM (Single)


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johnabaker thumbnail
johnabaker Love this band! Great voices, musical talent and super nice. Big fan.
kimbonater_x thumbnail
kimbonater_x The more I get to know PRIZM the more trouble I have fighting off these stupid high-school crush feelings I have for this band! It's like they just "get" me. The music always hits all the emotional points that I yearn for. The melodies are tight, the vocals powerful, the lyrics meaningful, and they always come off as genuine artists who pay respect to the pioneers who shaped synthwave instead of "ripping" from them. Thank you Krisluv and Danni and FIXT Favorite track: Midnight FM.
julesneonfawkes thumbnail
julesneonfawkes Kris and Danni giving FM-84 and The Midnight the PRIZM treatment. Awesome mashup!!!!
trapzz thumbnail
trapzz I heard this song come on randomly with youtube music and it was absolutely incredible - I bought all of your albums and please keep it up. Favorite track: Midnight FM.
Midnight FM 03:58
I wake up every night Where the dreams are the same Taken by my fear With a different face They can drag me to surrender I won't change Chased down by a car Without a hand at the wheel Crash into my heart And I got nothing to feel And I raise my hands As daylight breaks the chain All I want to know is Are we back now fighting from the same side? All I want to hear is The sound of your voice on the airwaves tonight Coz it's high time we decided (Ooooo I’m on my way) running in the night with you, got nothing left to prove Leaving it all behind, running in the night with you I used to be the one I used to be your place to land Under the shadows Into the palm of my hand You're always changing the situation Just when we found paradise You're always shutting down my conversation I can never read your mind All I want to know is Are we back now fighting from the same side? All I want to hear is The sound of your voice on the airwaves tonight Coz it's high time we decided Cause in the dark there are no strangers there are no strangers at all (running in the night with you)


PRIZM wears their influences on their sleeve with "Midnight FM," a brand new cover song medley sincerely dedicated to synthwave innovators The Midnight and FM-84. The gorgeous dreamwave track shifts subtly across its running time, paying homage to The Midnight tracks "Explorers" and "Lost Boy" and the FM-84 songs "Never Stop" and "Running in the Night." As the group explains, "Midnight FM" represents a special piece of PRIZM’s music genesis:

"We still see ourselves as newcomers to the synthwave scene and we're always discovering artists and sounds that inspire us, but it's safe to say that PRIZM would not exist as we do today without FM-84 and The Midnight. The pure creativity of the songwriting and production opened up our minds to what is possible if we just dig deep enough. So we always wanted to do a cover of their songs. Then we thought, "let's mash them up!" Then we lost our minds and said, "LET'S MASH UP 4 OF THEM." So here we are and we're very proud of what came out. We hope everyone who loves the original songs will appreciate hearing them reimagined as much as we loved recording them."

"Midnight FM" follows on the heels of PRIZM’s recent popwave track "We Were Young" and continues the series of singles from the group after their hit debut EP, PRIZM, released earlier this year by independent synthwave label FIXT Neon.


released October 18, 2019

Written by Colin Bennett, Oliver Wride, Jamison Lyle, Tyler Lyle, Lenno Linjama, and Tim McEwan
Published by FM-84, All Who Wander Publishing, BMG Platinum Songs Us, Songs of Universal, Inc., and Universal Music Publ. Ab
Produced by Geoff Rockwell
Cover Art by Ninja Jo


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PRIZM is a Dallas-based duo consisting of Krisluv and Danni James. The pair brings their experience from past collaborations to the PRIZM project, adding a professional and polished touch on their love letter to the 1980s.

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