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Christopher DiNote
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Christopher DiNote It's a good thing that PRIZM does more than just emulate the sounds of the '80s - the records actually sound too good to just be pure nostalgia! '80s records themselves didn't sound this good. Favorite track: All Night.
James Ulwick
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James Ulwick I haven't been this excited about a new group since I found The Midnight years ago. These ladies are the real deal! I found this album because of "All Night" and I figured there was no way I'd like any other track on the album more than I liked that one. Wrong! Every track I listened to I liked more than the last one. Buy this album. Play it on repeat. Cross your fingers for more awesome tunes to come! Favorite track: You Know That You Love Me.
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kimbonater_x What a pleasant breath of fresh air in this quickly-getting-crowded genre! If there's ever a physical release, I want it! Solid vocals right out of the gate for this debut EP. While a fan of all the tracks here, Neon Road has that hopeful, bittersweet nostalgic feel that makes me reminisce of moments past... Favorite track: Neon Road.
All Night 03:48
I wanna be the one to stand out in the crowd with you Every night is young when you hold me like I want you to do Hands reach in between all of the spaces we leave, closing in on us We come alive, giving everything away into the night Let it go now, come on baby let it go All night, feels right, come on baby They got nothing on you, the way you make your body move All night, tonight now baby Give your body to the rhythm and let’s move all night Blue lights touch you right You don’t know it but the room is captivated by your dark eyes, wild inside Your silhouette in my mind, my fingers tracing your lines I wanna be the one (yeah) to experience so serious I’m feeling us You and I don’t deny this And the feeling is right, I know you feel it too, all night Give me everything, give it all to me
Are you feeling the magic? Magnetic, attraction, static, clinging to the rhythm between us Pushing through the white noise to hear you Kinetic, I feel you, syncopated steps in my direction (do you feel it?) Can’t run away, when you know that you love me, boy, you’re gonna love me You could never run away when you know that you love me, know that you love me When you know that you love me You can call it destiny, addicted to this energy You’re pursuing, baby your igniting Electrifying when you’re close to me, I can feel the heat in between Burning me up now, fever, not coming down, so we get down
Neon Road 03:45
Let's just go Even if we don't know Even if we can't see down The neon road Let's keep running We can leave right now Even when it's upside down We'll make out way through the clouds Flashing warning signs Lightning in disguise Hidden from our eyes Just hold on, deeply breathe Safely here with me We can take our time
L.O.V.E. 03:20
2..3..Hey Infatuation, I crave it day and night So gimme gimme a taste, just a little bite Saturation, I’m dripping dripping honey Sweet to the very last touch, Oh It’s on the tip of my tongue, It’s on the edge of my lips Begging for your touch, for your kiss I want it, L O V E. I need it, L O V E. Thats right, L O V E L O V E, L O V E Got a prescription, for some of some of your lovin’ Gimme gimme a shot, just a little something I’m gettin’ ready, ready to sink in my teeth Tryina taste, taste this reality Starting to feel the rush I wanna dive in There’s no saving me, no I’m drowning in your skin (yeah)


Packed with shimmering synth tones and irresistible vocal hooks, PRIZM’s self-titled debut EP is a must-hear recording for fans of synthwave’s brighter side. The four-track EP grabs listeners’ attention right out of the gate with "All Night," serving up one of the brightest and catchiest pop tunes to hit the genre yet. The lush melodies and vivid details practically leap from the speakers, and when the song rises from its understated verse section into a wildly addictive chorus, listeners will be hard pressed not to leave "All Night" on repeat. "You Know You Love Me" and "L.O.V.E." keep the party going with upbeat, radiant tracks that perfectly marry modern pop with synthwave sensibilities for a sound that will appeal to any generation.

PRIZM is a Dallas-based duo consisting of Krisluv and Danni James. The pair brings their experience from past collaborations to the PRIZM project, adding a professional and polished touch on their love letter to the 1980s. The duo signed with FiXT Neon in 2019 and is gearing up for their first full-length release. PRIZM is bound for big things, and fans can follow their path to the top starting with this magnetic four-track debut.


released July 2, 2019

Written by Kristen Williams, Danielle James, and Geoff Rockwell
Published by PRIZM
Produced by Geoff Rockwell
Cover Art by Ninja Jo


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PRIZM is a Dallas-based duo consisting of Krisluv and Danni James. The pair brings their experience from past collaborations to the PRIZM project, adding a professional and polished touch on their love letter to the 1980s.

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