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You Should Know (Single)


It’s magic Your touch as good as gold Cards too good to fold Tryna tryna know How you do it Showin up and showin out Nothin can keep you down Tell em what you’re all about I'm here for it Here for a good time Whatever you're into I'm in too I'm here for the ride Count me in I’ll be there wherever you go-I just thought that you should know I got this craving for something so amazing I just thought that you should know I like it The way you come around When you talk it's the sweetest sound head never looking down always holding up the crown Don’t you notice How people stop and stare How you shine bright everywhere (Talk box) I see you working Making it happen with Automatic precision This is intuition So I envision A permanent situation No separation between us Perpetually in proximity to your vicinity


Pump up the volume for PRIZM’s latest funk-infused masterpiece, "You Should Know." The heart and soul of ‘80s pop music beats bright on this one, delivering an irresistible bass groove with sunny retro synths for a piece that will make you get up and dance.

"You Should Know" is the newest single from PRIZM following "Move Me" and the new music video for "All Night." "You Should Know" is out now on all major platforms from independent synthwave label FiXT Neon.


released April 13, 2020

Written by Kristen Williams, Danielle James, and Geoff Rockwell
Published by PRIZM
Produced by Geoff Rockwell
Cover Art by PRIZM


all rights reserved




PRIZM is a Dallas-based duo consisting of Krisluv and Danni James. The pair brings their experience from past collaborations to the PRIZM project, adding a professional and polished touch on their love letter to the 1980s.

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